Digging out (insightful) gems from (data) chaos

Learning & Engineering

About us

The more software mirrors the real world the more it empowers people in their everyday personal, social and business activities. But it also works the other way around: the more people use real-world software the more software evolves and blends with data. The purpose of data science is, like the purpose of science, showing that something is possible. Data science alone, though, doesn’t productionize solutions. We do it.

Predictive data analysis

With and without machine learning, we go from data chaos to data order, cleaning and reorganizing numbers to let them reveal the hidden truth

Booking systems

Every day all sport clubs in the world have to deal with bookings of any sort to let their people enjoy the membership more and more.

Players scouting

Not a pro but playing like a pro? Well, our solutions may also give you the same performance numbers and data insights of pros and help new players emerge

Virtual court

Video recording and analysis, post-production and everything else that can turn a dusty sport court into a dazzling virtual and augmented space

Sport club management

Every day all sport clubs in the world have to go through a number of chores that can be automated and controlled resulting in performance and cost optimization


Whether big or small, any sport events has its ticketing and booking needs and corporate guests to host

We dream

of insights that never were, and ask why not

We bridge

data engineering and commoditized data science

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